The Left Nav

The Left Nav

Left Nav refers to the navigation menu on the left-side of every page in the system. Below are some important items to note about the Left Nav.

Expanding and Collapsing the Left Nav

You can expand or collapse the left nav, per your own personal preference. The system will remember the last setting (expanded or collapsed) you selected each time you log in.
To expand or collapse the left nav, click the Hamburger icon  at the top of left of every page.  For example, below is a learner's left nav within a course expanded and collapsed. 


In expanded mode, the left nav will show each option's icon and label. 


In collapsed mode, the left nav shows just the option icon. When collapsed, hovering your mouse over any option in the left nav will show its full label.

Site vs. Course Pages

The Left Nav options will change based on a user's role and location on the site. 

Left Nav - Site Pages

When a learner is on the front page of the site or on any page that is not inside of a course, the left nav will contain three options:
  • : Returns the learner to the site landing page, where the learner can see the status of all courses in which s/he is enrolled and all courses in which s/he can request enrollment.
  • : Takes the participant to a page that shows all courses on the site, organized by category.
  • : Includes below it a quick link to each course in which the participant is enrolled.

Left Nav - Course Pages

When inside a course, the left nav adjusts to show both important course links and site links. The course links are shown at the top of the left nav, and the site links are shown at the bottom. In the example below:

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