Creating an AAVMC Learn account

Creating an AAVMC Learn account

You must first create an account on AAVMC Learn in order to take courses in the platform. To create an account:
  1. Click here to access the AAVMC Learn login page.

  2. Click the  button in the First time here? section of the page. The New Account page displays.

  3. Complete all required fields on the page, as indicated by an asterisks (*).
  4. Then click the  button at the bottom of the page. The following message will display, if you completed all required fields.

  5. Go to your email inbox, where a message has been sent asking you to confirm the account you created.
  6. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.
  7. Then click the  button to log in to the site with your new site credentials.

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    • Is my AAVMC Learn login information the same as my login information for AAVMC Connect?

      Your AAVMC Learn and AAVMC Connect accounts are completely separate accounts. However, you are strongly encouraged to use the same email for both accounts, and to use your institutional email if you have one.
    • How do I access AAVMC Connect from the AAVMC Learn platform?

      To access AAVMC Connect while in AAVMC Learn: Click on the AAVMC Sites menu in the header of the page. Select AAVMC Connect from the drop-down. You will be required to log in to AAVMC Connect upon accessing the platform.
    • Logging into the platform

      To access AAVMC Learn, either: Click on the AAVMC Learn link at the top of any page on the AAVMC website ( Open your browser, and go to The AAVMC Learn login page displays. Enter the username and ...
    • How do I download, print and view a Certificate of Participation?

      For many of AAVMC's courses, participants will receive a course completion certificate if they have fulfilled all completion requirements for the course. Typically, completion requirements are listed below the certificate link. To download and print ...
    • Viewing the last login for your students

      To view the completion status for all your students (e.g. in the AAVMC Accepted Students Wellbeing Course): Log in to the platform at Access the course in which you have students (e.g. AAVMC Accepted Students Wellbeing ...